Community Development

Community Development has a lot of projects and programs that has been introduced for the betterment of the community.

1) Jeevodhayam

It's a program for protection and show of support to the children who's family is infected with chronic diseases or vice versa. Health , Education , Social Security are the 3 things we equip them with for us bring them forward to the mainstream of the society and to make sure that they undergo a successful life in the future. So materials needed for such support like Livelihood support, Study materials, Foodkit and such are provided.

Jeevodhayam has been implemented in Thiruvananthapuram district. Young children to young adults are a part of our program. We do regular programs and follow ups concerning the programs.

2) Bhakshya

Bhakshya is a project based on people who are alone and bedridden and exhausted from loneliness. The project is about a 3 time meal which we provided to these people ,who are bedridden , as in breakfast , lunch and dinner. We actually travel to their houses to deliver the food in the morning , noon and at night. It's run currently in Neyyattinkara and Kattakada taluk . Volunteers work according to the coupon kit to make sure the food reaches in time.

3) Insight

Insight is an educational community development program. This is revolved around families who's children are into Civil Service but who are held on by bad background, financial issues and other major reasons. So we give such children the proper training and lessons to make sure their dreams of Civil Service is alive. This is basically what Insight project is all about. Through this project Civil Service examination preparations are taught to the children.

4) MSM Suraksha Project

It's a project of Kerala Government's sexual health program . MSM Suraksha project is done with the support of Kerala State AIDS Control Society. It's currently running in Thrissur District. Main objective of the project is to make sure that HIV is not transmitted among the MSM Group and to develop their sexual and reproductive health through teachings and awareness programs.

5) Help Desk

It's all about services in short. Volunteers and other commodities that are required are provided to the helpless and needy. Even before and during covid Help desk helped in many ways by maintaining the social distance but making sure the society is getting enough help.

6) Gender Desk

Gender Desk is a support system that works against dowry. Women who fell victim to the dowry cases are given proper guidance by this group. Protests and campaign against dowry is the main objective of Gender Desk.